Community Library Visit

Community Library Visit

On Thursday we headed off to the Community library. It was a scorching hot day and the walk was endless. 

We huffed and puffed and finally reached our destination. We had ten minutes to catch our breath and have some morning tea. 

Mrs Rassool discussed the rules of the library and how to behave appropriately.

We also learnt how to use the computer for finding books.

Some of us chose to chill on the coach and read books.

Special thanks to Matthew's mum. Without her our trip would not have taken place.

We enjoyed browsing through the shelves. Books, books and more books.

Some of us sat with our mates and did some buddy reading.

When we were done, we placed the books into the returns cart.

Anton's had fun looking at non-fiction books.


The librarian came to us and complemented us on our outstanding behaviour.

We are hoping to have our library cards on our next visit.


  1. Wow thank you #WHAKAPONO23 for visiting the #TeMatarikiCommunityLibrary and showing our community that @RowandaleSchool students love reading!


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