Our Morning Routines

Our Morning Routines

Every morning Whakapono 23, that is us and Whakapono 24 our buddy class meet. We do our karakia and waiata's together. Whaea Mich leads it and does a great job. She is super talented on the guitar. Different students voluteer to lead the prayer daily.

We then get out for a quick morning run. It makes us feel refreshed and ready to start the day ahead.
The girls do a lap around the field followed by the boys. 

When we finish, we end up sitting in lines and Whaea Mich gives us our positions. Our aim is to beat our number from the previous day.

Well done to the top runners.

Morning Fitness Session


  1. What a terrific start of the day routine...Karakia & Exercise!

  2. Thank you #WHAKAPONO24 for sharing with us your morning routine at @RowandaleSchool ...


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