Term 3 Week 1 Happenings

Term 3 Week 1 Happenings

Free sausages for us for winning the punctuality award for term 2.

Thanks Whaea Isabel for sausaging us up.

Hot sausages on a cold day. Yum, Yum.

Enjoying our fitness session using Go Noodle.

Our maths session on fractions using play dough. Wafers lessons: Learning intention: Find the fraction of lengths,  including seeing when a fraction is greater than one.

We had to make wafer biscuits using play dough and share it equally amongst people.

We used the play dough that we make during Matariki.

It got tricky when we had to share 5 wafers amongst 4 people.

See who I ran into this morning. The cute bunnies that live at our school.

Fun run practice this morning. 

Good job cycling around the course Mrs Alapaki.