Our Art

Our Art
Our first piece of art. Self portrait using half a photo and completing the second half.

Printmaking Self Portraits

Picture Perfect

Step 1: Take a photo using light source e.g. lamp or natural light.
Step 2: Print photo onto A5 size paper.
Step 3: Trace around the outline of photo, including tonal areas.
Step 4: Photocopy the outline.
Step 5: Refer to  Expressionist prints and use cross-hatching to help us come up with ways to show light and dark on our outlines.
Step 6: Use a marker to explore ways of showing light and dark.

Finally completed. We are so pleased with our end product.


  1. Wow wow wow Whakapono 23! I love your artwork. I'd love to bring Aroha 2 to your class to have a look at your mahi.

    1. Thanks Aroha 2. You are welcome any time.


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