Pubertal Change

Pubertal Change

We had our Pubertal Change talk today. Our facilitator Lucie was amazing. 

The day started of with us combining with Whakapono 24. 

First we had the girls and boys session. 

After morning tea, the girls and boys were taught separately. 

We learnt about our reproductive organs and the changes that we go through during puberty.

We worked in different coloured groups with leaders. 

Playing bingo was cool. 

When we did the right thing, we earned eggs. 

Did you know that we need 8 to 10 hours of sleep.

When the little man appeared on the screen, we had to get up and do 1 minute of fitness. Did you know that we need to do one hour of fitness daily. 


  1. Thank you #Whakapono23 for sharing about your week at @RowandaleSchool. I firmly believe that #PubertyTalks are so important and all our students need to be exposed to this learning


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