Slime PMI

Slime PMI
Fluffy, Glitter Slime
Han, Angela, Lupe
It was fun making the slime! We got to play with it. When we added the shaving cream, it looked like whipped cream.
The slime was gooey and sticky.
The slime couldn’t stretch so we had to add more glue.
When we made our slime, it was ripping. We added more glue then it started to stretch better.
Fluffy Slime
Henry and Matthew
Adding the shaving cream because it was so soft and satisfying.
The slime was so sticky and it was too gooey. The confetti spoilt the slime. It kept on falling off and messing the class.
It was fasinating  how glue, shaving cream, food colouring and borax makes slime.
Galaxy Slime
Natalia, Archita, Jena
It was fun and interesting to make a galaxy slime. It was really glittery and satisfying to play with all the time. We used Canva to create a poster.
It felt sticky and watery while we started mixing with our hands. It was gross, slimey and really weird. It was difficult to add photos to Canva.
It was interesting that it was all glittery, jiggly and wobbly. The stress ball was the bomb and the best.
Crunchy Foam Slime
Kaliyah, Tamika, Porche
Mixing the glue and food colouring was blowing my mind just watching the colours dissolving.
When we mixed the slime with our hand, it was so sticky. We didn’t get along making the slime. The foam beads kept on falling out of the slime. Silly people decided to pop them.
We then decide to turn the foam bead slime into stress ball. We then made stress balls using flour.
Slimy Slime
Phoenix, Johanson, Asafo
We had a practice
and we watched all the other groups. We felt other people’s slime. We made slime with Ms Huri. Everyone took turns. Archita helped us.
When we were doing our practice miss got all the ingredients for us but we were too shy to make it. It was all sticky and messy. Red turned out to be pink.
We have lots of slime in our class now. Lots of people visited our class. We eventually made our slime.
Glittery Slime
Justin, Peto, Soi
We got to do everything. It was also satisfying watching it form. We got to play with it.
It was sticking to our T-shirts. It wasn’t forming at first. The slime couldn’t stretch. It took forever to make the slime. We had to wash dishes and tidy up.
The green food colouring actually turned to a light green. When we sprayed the shaving cream, it made a squirting noise.
Scented Slime
Anton, ‘Enitoa, Ezekiel
We were successful finding a video. Ezekiel brought our ingredients.
Our slime didn’t turn out well because we added too much of hand soap and shaving cream.
Ezekiel touched slime for the first time. ‘Enitoa liked the fluffy feeling of the slime. We now have lots of slime in class to play with.
Crystal Clear Slime
Ana, Essence
I liked making the slime poster on Canva. We even got to make stress balls out of flour and crunchy slime.
Sometimes we did not get along when we were making the slime. Lupe changed groups. Essence wanted ot leave the group as well. We had to wait for two days before our slime was ready.  Air Wick can was broken. It went into our face and made it difficult for us to breathe.
It was very interesting making the Crystal Clear slime.